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Aspen Monkey Dog Update

September 15, 2015 | Progress Report  |  3 Comments

Yes, Aspen is still around! At 14+ years, she is still getting around as good as other dogs a fraction of her age. About the same time Jewels crossed the Bridge we had noticed a large lump forming on Aspen’s left hip.  Our primary vet diagnosed it as a benign fatty tumor and said it would eventually need to be removed, but there was no rush to have to do it anytime soon as long as we did not wait until it got too big.  Since we were losing Jewels at around that time this tumor did not become a priority.  It wasn’t until about a year later near the end of 2012 (after my last post) that we decided to have it taken care of.  What I assumed would be a routine “carving” out of the tumor and stitching up actually ended up being the removal of a cancerous “nerve sheath” tumor that was already in advanced stages.  Thus began our second experience of canine cancer.  We are lucky to have a wonderful veterinary oncologist with Jewels who we started taking Aspen to.

So almost three years later, three surgeries and four kinds of chemo treatments Aspen is still around and happy!  The cancer she has can eventually give her fatal lung mets, but it was certainly not as aggressive as the Osteosarcoma Jewels had.

Aspen might move around more slowly now, but at least she can still get around!  As long as her quality of life is good, we will continue to keep her as healthy and happy as we can for the short time she has left.

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